Tim was born in 1971 and always restless!   He found it hard to settle down to study at school and his mind was always out somewhere dreaming and wondering about the world.

He trained as a cocktail bartender and spun bottles around the world to make enough money to carry on travelling.   He worked in may bars worldwide and in London including the Garrick Club and 190 Queensgate,    and  worked as a bar steward on the Queen of  Scotts luxury train.   

After spending a year away in Australia where his work included working on his Uncle’s Sheep ranch, he returned to the UK and decided to embark on an art course.    He specialised in photography and then gained a BA in photography and the moving image at Napier University in Edinburgh.

After his graduation in 1999 he decided to travel again and this was when his love for painting was born.   He was staying on a beach in Thailand and met a man who painted and who lent him his paints.   He was hooked from then on and has been painting ever since and living in Thailand, and Germany and now in Taiwan where he has had many exhibitions.        SEE HIS WEBSITE www.joeljoel.com