Sarah studied Education, Art and Craft, and followed the craft avenue professionally.   She set up a business in 1977 as a craft weaver, and later had her own gallery in Dawlish.   Despite always wanting to paint, Sarah has only been able to paint full time for her income for the last seven years.

Sarah was born in 1953.   She lived in Bath, where her father was a well-known Georgian restoration architect.    She wanted to be an artist as a teenager, but instead succumbed to pressure to train for a “decent career”!

In June 1975 she gained an Honours Degree in Education from Southampton University with Art and Craft as the main subjects.   Also Cert Ed as part of the Degree.

She did not enjoy teaching children, so taught Art and Craft part-time to adults, at Bognor Regis College of Education in Sussex, whilst also developing weaving.

In 1977 she moved to Devon and set up her Handloom weaving business making rugs and pattern weave tweed for a wide range of coats, jackets shawls and bags.

In 1978 she became a member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen.