At an early age lessons from Grandfather & Uncle Oliver Hall,& Claude Muncaster.

"I live with my wife near St. Ives where I have a studio, and I spend a lot of time on my yacht at Helford and manage the Charity Sailaday OK. All my senses are stimulated by what I see, affecting how I feel, think and behave. This moves my spirit. I am inspired and motivated by the energy of this impact. As a yachtsman I am impacted by the ever changing force of wind, sea and tide. My place in this massive dance seems very small and fragile at times. The measure of my survival on the sea depends, not on how I impact on it but how I can make meaning of the apparent chaos, accept it, flex to it and maintain headway to achieve my goals. My process of painting is similar. I observe and paint what I have experienced. When I look at a scene that attracts me, I respond viscerally .My painting reflects a synthesis of my internal and external knowing and can be as fluid and ever changing as the sea and sky and shore .An underlying natural geometry I also see as a means of recognising order out of chaos, externally and expressed within the paintings. The paintings are primarily gauche on board or paper and mixing gum Arabic to give added translucence. I work on my boat and at my studio near, St. Ives, Cornwall, from sketches and photographs and the memory of my experience as well as what I think I saw."