Michele lives in St Ives with her husband and creates these observant works from the things that she sees happening in the town – and also from her imagination.   She has lived in St Ives for over thirty five years.   She creates her collograph plates in her private studio and then hand-editions the plates at the St Ives Print Workshop.

Of her work, Michele says “…..I enjoy all aspects of printmaking, especially the making of a plate and the moment the paper is peeled back from the work after it has been put through the press.   My inspiration is taken from where I live in St Ives, the intense blue of the sky and the sea and all that is held within…..”

“I was born in England of an English Mother and a French Father.   I have lived and been educated in both countries, finishing at the Wimbledon School of Art.   I started my career off as a theatrical costumier and designer working in Edinburgh and at the National Theatre, London.   Then I fell in love with St Ives, which meant that I had to find a new vocation combining the things I enjoy which are drawing and constructing.

The solution – Printmaking !”