I was born in Nottingham in June 1964.   After various un-fulfilling jobs, a chance visit to St Ives while on a short holiday in Cornwall launched the start of a new, more satisfying career.   It was seeing the work of Barbara Hepworth for the first time that kindled my creativity towards abstract sculpture.   In 2007 I moved to St Ives and have a studio at the Penwith Society of Artists.

My work is very much in the St Ives tradition and my style is continuously developing.   I prefer to sculpt in traditional materials such as bronze, limestone and marble because I enjoy working with them and also they bestow a more timeless quality to finished works.   Many of my sculptures, particularly the larger ones, are conceived with the idea that they should also be experienced by touch, this means that anyone with visual impairment can also enjoy a work of art, where the sense of touch is so vital.   Unlike conceptual art, if you like my work it needs no other interpretation.