Marian lives in Emsworth on the south coast and endeavours to bring humour and an eye for the unusual to her colourful interpretations of the region its people and wildlife. She specialises in feline, wildlife and maritime subjects and has won the award for best watercolour at two consecutive exhibitions of the Royal Society of Marine Artists at the Mall Gallery in London.

Marian started her artistic career as an archaeological illustrator work on in the Mary Rose project, specialising in drawing, researching and making replicas of the leather jerkins found on board the ship. She has recently completed further research on the jerkins. The resulting report is included in volume four of the definitive publication on the Mary Rose. The book has now been printed and is titled "Before the Mast - Life and Death Aboard the Mary Rose."

Marian is a m,ember of the Society of Feline Artists and regularly exhibits her unique paintings of quirky stylised Siamese cats at their annual September exhibition, which is held at the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery in London.

One of the more unusual paintings done by Marian was a painting of the "Merlin" helicopter, commissioned by Jon Dickens - one of the test pilots, and is available as a print.

Marian Forster SOFA