Linda graduated in 1999 from Coventry University with a BA (Hons) degree in Art and Craft, specialising in ceramics. She is an exciting member of the Midland Potters Association and Coventry contemporary Crafts. Linda's sculptural work is inspired by natural forms and the mother and child sculptures of Moore and Hepworth. Inspiration for the semi shaped pots and wall pieces is drawn mainly from nature, trees, pebbles and the patterns made by sand and sea. The clay is imprinted with textiles, wallpaper and hand made stencils of her created patterns using geometric shapes. All ceramics are hand-built, coiled or slab built, the majority being made using a mix of stoneware clay, porcelain and paper pulp. The pots are coloured with oxides and body stains and burnished using a spoon then bisque fired to one thousand degrees centigrade. Following this they are coated with a resist and smoke fired. The pots are then cleaned to remove the resist, dried and polished with beeswax. It is a lengthy process and all pieces are unique.