David was born in 1945 on the Wirral Peninsula which lies between the River Dee and the River Mersey in the North West of England near the border with Wales.   His paintings include subjects from all over Great Britain although the majority of them are drawn from Welsh and English Landscapes and traditional farm buildings.   He visited New Mexico and Arizona in 1995 and produced several paintings of the desert, as well as traditional North American farm buildings.

David’s interest in landscape focuses upon the evidence of human presence, although people are rarely shown in the paintings.   The buildings and the machinery which have been used in shaping our environment leave their marks on landscape and buildings, and the slow wear of windows, doors, tools and modes of transport.   Many of his paintings focus upon details, with close ups of small sections of the subject.   Traditional farming methods have a harmony which modern developments lack.   Many of these traditional farm buildings are disappearing at an alarming rate.   David has documented many of these in Cheshire without realising this aspect of the work was of significance.